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NextDrop aims to be the largest water network in the world - connecting citizens, governments, and the private sector- by digitizing water thoughts, and closing feedback loops to solve the world’s water problems.


NextDrop SMS Alerts; Don’t have a smart phone?

Register for our SMS alerts, telling you when you get your water supply and when you don’t.


NextDrop SmartGrid: Connecting citizens and governments

Helps utilities know where their water is, in which part of the city, and why.

What our customers say


Madhumala, Mysore

NextDrop has changed my life- I no longer need to ask my neighbours for water or when they think the water will come back. In fact, I don't have to contact anyone for water information anymore. NextDrop just does it for me!


Mehaboob, Hubli

I had water contamination and had complained to the water board about the contamination twice. However, no immediate action was forthcoming. I then registered my complaint with NextDrop, using their Waattr app and was really happy that they took it as a priority issue.

N Krishna

N.Krishna, Mysore

After working with NextDrop, the number of complaints and queries coming in from residents has reduced a lot. Thank you NextDrop!

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