Securing India's Future
One Drop At A Time

The NextDrop Water Marketplace connects water buyers to water suppliers.

Where Is My Water Coming From?

More and more people are ordering water tankers for all of their water requirements

And Yet

People have virtually no transparency on the source and quality of water

Our Solution

The NextDrop Water Marketplace gives users transparency on the source and quality of water.

Automate Water Delivery

We predict when you will run out of water and automatically place an order from a qualified water supplier.

Stay Healthy

We qualify water sources and suppliers. We track the water delivery from the source all the way to your home, ensuring you always have clean water.

The NextDrop Guarantee

We want to continually give you oversight of your next drop of water. We believe that’s the only way to solve India’s water problems. Join the NextDrop Water Marketplace and we will take care of you for life.

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