Securing India's Future
One Drop At A Time

NextDrop tackles water scarcity by helping apartment complexes save water.

Water Scarcity is a Solvable Problem

One of the biggest problems facing India is water scarcity

And Yet

Apartment complexes unknowingly waste up to 30% of their clean water

Our Solution

We never want complexes running out of water.

Save Water

NextDrop's algorithms and hardware act as your personal Smart Water Assistant. The NextDrop Smart Water Assistant bills residents for water used, and not by square footage (i.e. a flat rate). It scans for leakages throughout the building and immediately alerts residents if something seems wrong.

Track Water

Our Smart Water Assistant tracks sump levels to make sure watchmen are ordering water tankers in time.

Stay Healthy

As an added bonus, the NextDrop Smart Water Assistant tracks water quality for apartment buildings. If it detects something wrong, it helps source safer water, where available.

The NextDrop Guarantee

We want to continually give you oversight of your next drop of water. We believe that’s the only way to solve India’s water scarcity problems. That’s why once you subscribe to our Smart Water Assistant Service, we take care of you for life.

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