NextDrop Technologies
Conserve Water | Stay Healthy | Save Money

Caring For Your Community

Save Water: Implementation of Smart Metering Reduces Consumption By 30%

Understand your water usage

Catch and fix leakages in real time

Automate meter reading and bill generation

Caring For Your Family

There are over 25 chemicals which could be present in your untreated water affecting your family’s health

We test your water quality for traces of these chemicals

We evaluate your water treatment methods to ensure removal of all contaminants

Caring For Your Wallet

With the 150% Increase in private water costs in the past 5 years, water can now be 40%-50% of your maintenance bill

Paying for water allows consumers the ability to reduce and save

50% of your investment can be recovered within the first 12-18 months; 100% within 24-36 months

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